Pet Noises

by The Runouts

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released September 8, 2016

All music written by The Runouts
Drums: Andrew MacTaggart
Rhythm Guitar: Nolan Hill
Bass Guitar: Tim Thomson
Lead Guitar: Andrew Dedousis
Lead Vocals: Nolan Hill
Backup Vocals: Nolan Hill, Andrew Dedousis, Tim Thomson
All lyrics written by Nolan Hill

Recorded and mixed by Richard Marr at Galaxy Park Studios in Watertown, MA
Produced by The Runouts and Richard Marr
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice
Album cover art by John Albert Bonnel
Album photography by Frank Ashe



all rights reserved


The Runouts Boston, Massachusetts

Outlaw country. But from the city, not the country. The city of Boston. And not country, but punk rock. So, a punk rock band from Boston.

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Track Name: Lame Brains
Keep sticking things up your nose
one day you'll stab yourself in the brain
did you ever feel a tug on your heart strings?
Did you think it was a tug on your purse strings?
Rich man's got a mighty lame brain
Got a lot of precious money to gain
grey matter only grows in his hair
color it in, pretend it's not there

go ahead and do what you want, man
go ahead and act like a cunt man
nothing more and nothing less is
held up to the standards of you

control, control
he's a slave to control
he's the ironic slave to control

trickle down a little piss on my head
a broken theory; Hamilton's dead
pretty stupid to throw down your guns
a hard lesson how the west would be won
working hard on not trying to work
held down by a knee and a jerk
losing little bits and pieces of mind
losing my nose on the stone that we grind

years go by without mercy
catching up to the things that hurt me
nothing more and nothing less is
held up to the standards of me

Con, it's a con, it's a C­O­N
Track Name: The Bucket
Oh darling grace, be still my heart
within her face, 1000 doubts
put on your face, put on your smile
it's what you're worth, what's on the outside

pent up frustration on your face
does not befit our darling grace
you're one step ahead, were one step behind
enjoying the view

Imposing supremacy through physical prowess
were falling behind
were so proud to be so willingly stupid
were falling behind
were breaking apart at the seams

Oh darling grace, your voice unheard
distinct lack of force behind your words
put on your face, put on your smile
it's what you're worth, what's on the outside

Just one more drop in the bucket
no one cares when nothing changes
Track Name: I Am Void
A blank slate with nothing worthy to scratch into it
brain gone numb from a sedantary existence
Did I watch my life go by in a rush?
When I stepped out of line, did they beat me into mush?
I was born free, now I feel like a tangled knot
frequencies locked away to boil and rot
did I fabricate the things I think I know?
Am I discontent, or putting on a show?

I am void

It always comes to blows
slamming all the friendly doors closed
light the match and burn the bridge
I'm on the other side, and I'm bruised and stitched
But I'm having so much fun
sitting, waiting to bite the big one
I give up, man, I give it all up and toss myself in and fall

Into the void
Track Name: Eraser
you've got every right
you don't have to like the way I am
my stupid mistakes, the friends that I keep, the ones that I love
so you think I'm a charlatan
that I lie through my teeth
I never lied, I've just done my best to try and succeed

sometimes you get left in the lurch
that's where they teach you how to beg
just keep your eyes on the ground
Silence is gold

eraser ­ should've known I've been here before
it's there, and then it's gone
eraser ­ dust off, and move along

Just 'cause you turn your back
doesn't mean that I cease to be
no, I'm still here picking up the pieces you left on the floor
you're a quitter at heart
but if you've got to, then put your shame on me
my heart will stop beating the moment I don't have someone to prove wrong
Track Name: Empty Heads
To be the bullgoose looney
and try to fight the good fight
instead of smashing through windows
they drilled the front of your brain out
is your heart still bleeding?
or is it barely beating?
is it all receding?
are they pulling your strings now?

when it all comes crumbling down, pick it up and run
because it's gonna keep coming
it is the sound and the fury
and it comes at the speed of light
like a shock wave, a punch to the gut
and nobody wants to learn

but then you learn
you learn to lose

To be star bellied sneeches
"the great American Dreamers"
empty heads glued to cell phones
abrasive noises from face holes
did you think of the children?
other men? Other women?
can you feel this hatred?
and to whom is it causing harm?

When your life feels like a layer of hell, saddle up and ride
because it's gonna keep coming
it is the sound and the fury
and it ends at the speed of light
like a shock wave, a punch to the gut
and nobody wants to learn

but then you learn
you learn to lose
I hope you get to try again
Track Name: Feculent Creatures
Feculent creatures
they walk among us, some disguised as children
abominable bipods
they've learned our ways, and they've formed their own culture
how did they do it
right under our nose? We should've sniffed out these monsters
sliding out of their dark, slimy tunnels
loudly spewing waste from their faceholes

I wish I could laugh, I wish I was kidding
but I feel I've got to stay vigilant
I thought I was jaded, I thought I was a cynic
was gonna check myself into a clinic
but I saw one day, through my mind's x­ray, much to my dismay
all these people have shit for brains

you better watch out or you're gonna turn into a feculent creature

here we go, the cycle never ends
I hate all of you, I hate you all
Track Name: Flatliner
I've been 21 since I was 17
not a day older until the 8th of July
sometimes you've gotta be pragmatic
sometimes you've gotta cheat and lie
I've been praised and scorned by purists
some purely leather, studs, and dye
who only argue over definition
or wait for the next big thing to catch their eye

Pretty soon, they'll be gone
I'll be singing my stupid songs
flatlining, but happier at square one
you build it up, we'll knock it down
you try to show the world the underground
but you dilute it
make it weak, generic, and false

I spilled my blood all over Portland's streets
the wrong alleyway at the wrong time
sometimes you've gotta show your guts
sometimes you've gotta stifle your cries
my heads still scarred, and my memory still stinks
I'll probably be that way until I die
I've got no regrets or inhibitions
I keep company out late at night

So why's it now all going wrong?
I bleed, and sweat, and keep hanging on
it's worth the fight for me, but what about them?
Whining songs about heartbreaking whores
I never judged but I can't take no more
I hate to see something pure become a trend

"The new groups are not concerned with what there is to be learned
you've got Burton suits, Ha! You think it's funny..."
Track Name: Loaded Gun
I don't wanna feel feelings, I wish my head would stop reeling
I gotta get out from under your thumb
So I can head to the tracks, lay down and relax
and wait for the train to come
MUD written on my face, always nervous, out of place
outside looking in, it suits me fine
I've heard it before, the "kids" are a bore
only a gun could ever blow my mind

take my hands from my pockets, and curl them into fists
but they crack, and they bleed each time
come swinging at my head, but I never can duck in time

the ditch of my arms and the small of my back
get so tense, sometimes I lose my head
so I curl in a ball and flex them all
until I stop seeing red
a steady diet of rage, it's what I breathe, in what I bathe
free base it straight into the vein
wash it all down, a furrowed brow and a frown
insecurity and white hot shame

if I could go back and find myself when I swore to grow to be a good man
I'd put a loaded gun in the naive little toehead's hand

if I could stop brooding, and learn to stop stewing
and enjoy the time I get with you
I'd claw my way to the top, have a seat and stop
for a minute and enjoy the view
Track Name: Negative Lens
Dead to rights, you caught me with my pants down again
swimming in a cesspool of my weakness, I give in
yes I do

There's no place to call home
I am an invalid

Don't call me your brother, I have just one we share our blood and name
he'd suffer for me, and I believe that I would do the same
yes I do

Grow out of your bullshit
say what you mean

the grass is dead on either side
and I feel like giving up
water under the bridge eventually washed me away
Track Name: Nemesis
Hang over, hang over
your feet over the ledge
you've been staring in a pool at the reflection of your beauty
hang over, hang over
if they jump, so should you
purse your lips for one last shot, your sense of self worth, it depends on it

I just saw a woman's asshole
as advertising for a product of a clothing line
I had to turn my face away
Gee, I guess I'm just an old fashioned fella

I'm running away (you can't escape)
Why is it the ones that should never kill themselves?
Why is it the ones that should never take their own lives?

Cash in, cash in
You're an imbecile
But you've got nowhere to run when they hold the mirror up to you

Where'd my mind just take me?
Some place dark where delusions are a way of life
I had to turn my face away
I guess it's just a question of faith
Track Name: Train Wreck
I think I'm falling overboard, I'm not to worried about the tide
my concrete shoes make a pretty straightforward guide
frustrated, annoyed and bored, keep it all bottled up inside
I gotta keep tabs because it never really does subside

it just comes and it goes
usually on a friend
and they usually deserve it
I just hate to wait for the tension to end

Because I'm never gonna say I'm sorry
not just for barking and biting back
so you never know exactly when I'll explode
or just end up three piss stained sheets to the wind

I'm sick of falling overboard because I'm always getting reeled back in
starting up things that I know I shouldn't even begin
dumb, a drunk, a lazy punk I'm always looking for an easy way out
after all of these years it's looking like a hopeless bout

feelings come and they go
then they stop on a dime
I don't bother seeking guidance
it'd be a waste of breathe and a waste of time

trainwreck derailed on the road
trainwreck got nowhere to roll
trainwreck gonna crash into you
Track Name: Raging Bull
At the exact wrong place at the exact wrong time
well oiled, well planned thoughts in the back of your mind
go to the dark places that you leave out
it's sabotage
it's sabotage
I'm not broken, I'm not even cracked
my blood is ancient, my mind's intact
I'm battle starved, I want to destroy
chaos is where I thrive, I want to eat you alive

I want to skin and wear the faces of all my contemporaries
my soul is trapped inside a man

All the feeble attempts of the feeble minds
to explain their nature, to rationalize
Let Frankenstein's creature go and the bloody peasants are gonna burn it down
I got no trust, a half empty cup
a smile full of hate, a mind running hot
let Frankenstein's creature go and the bloody peasants are gonna burn it down

Wet the paper, rub the jelly
stuff the nostrils, numb the footing
when I'm broken, face the raging bull

needle the balls, starve the body
terrorized, and drugged, and starving
when I'm broken, face the raging bull